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New Midway Courts Open

16-Dec-2021 1:28 PM | Anonymous

New Courts Are Complete and open for play tomorrow morning, Friday 12/17.  

They are putting the finishing touches on the new pickleball courts at Midway Park.  These are located on Bus 17 at 19th Ave S.  There are 10 brand new courts that replaced the 4 pickleball and 2 tennis courts.  This is part of a larger city project to restore the entire park.  The city Park & Rec department has been great to work with and planned the project to have the pickleball courts ready before the rest of the park is done.  So, you will see more work going on for the next month or two.  Further improvements include:

  • Complete new landscaping including new sidewalks
  • Resurface and install new fence & nets on the Tennis court pod
  • Build a practice wall which will be next to the Tennis courts
  • Install 4 new covered benches next to the pickleball courts but not inside the fence which were bought and donated by the Carolina Coastal Pickleball Club
  • Possibly repair the unused bathrooms next to the courts
The straps for the middle of the nets are on order and will be installed when they come in.  We set the height of all courts to the proper 36" on the ends but the middle could be a little high until the straps come in. There are new lights installed in the park and they come on at 5pm and turn off at 9pm.  

Please be mindful of the additional work going on in the park.
  • Try not to interfere with their work
  • Try not to track mud, paint, dirt onto the new courts as much as possible
  • There may be times, you'll need to use a different gate to enter the courts due to some of this work
Remember, these are public open courts.  Currently there is no reservation system so it is first come first serve. I know people like to play within their own group. But I would strongly suggest that if the courts are full, you could ask people to join your group or offer to alternate games with another group.  

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