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  • 23-Feb-2023 4:11 PM | Sue Miller (Administrator)
    This Pickleball Tournament is raising funds for the St James ROTC.

    Saturday, April 22 2023 and Sunday, April 23, 2023 at Midway Park

    Cost - $55.00

    We will have brackets based upon skill and age. All brackets will be Round Robin with a max of 8 teams in each bracket. If a bracket reaches 8 teams, there will be a waitlist. If we get enough teams in the bracket and waitlist, we will break them into two brackets with medals going to both groups.

    You will be registered based off of your age as of December 31, 2023.


  • 23-Feb-2023 4:00 PM | Sue Miller (Administrator)

    The Greater Charleston Parkinson’s Disease Support Group is hosting a community outreach event in support of the MUSC Murray Center for Research on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders. We will engage community members with a pickleball round robin and host a brain health fair focusing on lifestyle choices relevant to neurological health.

    Saturday, March 25 2023 - Men's and Women's Doubles 3.0, 3.5 ,4.0+

    Sunday, March 26, 2023 - Mixed Doubles 3.0, 3.5, 4.0+

    Cost - $65.00

                                                  REGISTER HERE

    Additional donations can be made by purchasing a tournament t-shirt on our on-line store. Click the ONLINE STORE BUTTON ABOVE or go to this web site.

  • 23-Dec-2022 7:21 PM | Deleted user

    We are please to announce that the 2023 Cabin Fever Round Robin Tournament will be held on Feb 14 & 15.

    Myrtle Beach Sports Center
    Feb 14th - Men's & Women's Doubles
    Feb 15th- Mixed Doubles

    Skills:  2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5

    Ages: 19-29, 30-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+


  • 16-Dec-2021 1:28 PM | Deleted user

    New Courts Are Complete and open for play tomorrow morning, Friday 12/17.  

    They are putting the finishing touches on the new pickleball courts at Midway Park.  These are located on Bus 17 at 19th Ave S.  There are 10 brand new courts that replaced the 4 pickleball and 2 tennis courts.  This is part of a larger city project to restore the entire park.  The city Park & Rec department has been great to work with and planned the project to have the pickleball courts ready before the rest of the park is done.  So, you will see more work going on for the next month or two.  Further improvements include:

    • Complete new landscaping including new sidewalks
    • Resurface and install new fence & nets on the Tennis court pod
    • Build a practice wall which will be next to the Tennis courts
    • Install 4 new covered benches next to the pickleball courts but not inside the fence which were bought and donated by the Carolina Coastal Pickleball Club
    • Possibly repair the unused bathrooms next to the courts
    The straps for the middle of the nets are on order and will be installed when they come in.  We set the height of all courts to the proper 36" on the ends but the middle could be a little high until the straps come in. There are new lights installed in the park and they come on at 5pm and turn off at 9pm.  

    Please be mindful of the additional work going on in the park.
    • Try not to interfere with their work
    • Try not to track mud, paint, dirt onto the new courts as much as possible
    • There may be times, you'll need to use a different gate to enter the courts due to some of this work
    Remember, these are public open courts.  Currently there is no reservation system so it is first come first serve. I know people like to play within their own group. But I would strongly suggest that if the courts are full, you could ask people to join your group or offer to alternate games with another group.  

  • 28-May-2021 2:52 PM | Deleted user

    City to create new outdoor pickleball venue!

    The project to resurface Midway Park is approved and moving forward.  Met with the Director of Parks & Rec this afternoon to review his plans.  The existing pod with 4 pickleball and 2 tennis courts will be redone with 10 pickleball courts.   They will also resurface the other tennis courts and the basketball court near the street. New landscaping, lighting, water fountains.  Bathrooms may be fixed but out of a different pocket later.  Estimated start Oct 1st and complete Dec/Jan.

    As this project progresses, we will keep you posted on the updates and potential dates.  We're sure we'll have to plan an Grand Opening Round Robin or something.  Maybe have the Mayor or at least Director of Parks & Recreation there. 


  • 21-Dec-2020 10:26 AM | Deleted user

    As you have probably heard, there are going to be a few rule changes in 2021.  There is a lot of talk about a couple which we'll try to explain. These have been decided upon by the USA Pickleball Rules Committee and I am not on that committee, so don't shoot the messenger.  I suggest you start adopting these rules in the new year to get used to them.  Most of the other changes are really tournament play and shouldn't impact rec play.

    1 - No more Let Serves:  This change means that if on the serve, the ball hits the top of the net but still lands in the correct service court, it is considered a good serve and has to be played.  The correct service court means it cannot be in the NVZ (kitchen), outside the playing court or in the wrong service court.  If it lands in any of these areas, it is a FAULT.   

    2 - New Drop Serve option - You are now allowed to drop the ball, let it hit on the ground and then hit it.  You cannot force the ball down to bounce it which would make it bounce higher.  It must be dropped and there is no limit how high you drop it.  If you drop it, it should not bounce above your waist.  Your feet cannot touch inside the court but the ball can bounce in the court. The key here is that the rules about hitting in an upward motion and paddle must be below your wrist DO NOT APPLY.  So, the drop serve could open up a whole new serve strategy.  It should be interesting.  This rule is stated as a Provisional to be reviewed at the end of 2021.   Give this a try and see if you like it.  

  • 01-May-2020 7:07 AM | Deleted user

    Registration for the 2020 USA Pickleball Mid-Atlantic Region Championships is now open!  Pre-Registration for Mid-Atlantic USAPA Members ended yesterday with 279 players.  

    Registration will close when full, so register soon. 

    Early Reg $65 plus $20 Ref fee and $5 per event 5/1 - 8/15

    Late REg $75 plus $20 Ref Fee and $5 per event 8/16 - 9/10

  • 29-Sep-2019 8:38 AM | Deleted user

    After a year of planning, we held the USAPA Mid-Atlantic Regional tournament last weekend at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center.  The event was a huge success! We had an 25% increase of participants over last year.  Our final number was 520 players.  This means we had about 300 matches per day, all with referees.  I heard many players tell us that this is one of the best tournaments they have been to. 

    We had the first ever USAPA Regional with wheelchair division including two events; Doubles and Singles.  I will say that the wheelchair participants were thrilled to compete in such an event.   There have been wheelchair demonstrations before but not events that counted.  Our Gold Medal winners qualified for pre-registration for the 2020 Nationals just like all the other events. 

    A huge thanks to many folks to help make this happen.  We had a Tournament Core Team that met over the past year to plan the event;  Sharon MacKenzie - USAPA Mid-Atlantic Regional DIrector; Laura Paterson - USAPA Secretary and Referee Coordinator; Michele Boswell - Player Gifts; Kristen Meyer - Managing Picleballtournaments.com;  Sue Miller - Club Secretary; Scott Jobes - Sponsors; Michele Smith - Vendor/Food Trucks; Emily Taylor - Club VP; Jeff Haynes - Club Treasurer and myself. 

    There were other key folks that contributed a lot during the year.  Steve Boswell - Court layout/taping; Audrey Connery - Raffle/Door prizes; Terri Loving - Volunteer coordinator/social. 

    And when the time came to run the event, we had over 50 volunteers step up and help us setup the venue and run the event all three days.  It takes a lot of these folks to make an event this big to be successful.  A HUGE THANKS TO ALL! 

    It was announced that the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional will be in Virginia Beach on Sept 17-20.  This is only so the USAPA can move the Mid-Atlantic around the region some.  There is a big chance it may be back here in two years.  But this does not mean we will not hold a tournament next year.  I think we will but it may be a bit smaller and may not be sanctioned which would eliminate the need to have referees for all matches.  We are beginning to discuss this and more info would coming out soon.  Hopefully, we can make an announcement at the club Christmas party being held on Dec 5th at the Greek Orthodox Church.  

    We have posted a link on our club web site to view the pictures from the tournament.  You can go the the web site ccpickleball.org 

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