Carolina Coastal Pickleball Club

Places to Play in the Area


Board Members

President – Jim Loving,

Vice President – Emily Taylor

Treasurer – Harry Molloy,

Secretary – Sue Miller,

Social / Recreation Committee – Plans our activities for the club including our four (4) major events; Spring Dance, Summer Olympics, Fall BBQ and Christmas Party.  Also would like to have other events throughout the year. 

Michele Smith,

Lisa Bair,

Sandy Barnes,

Richard & Colleen Brown, 

Scott and Robin Jobes,

Fay Mills,

Bruce and Cathy Pertko,

Community Service / Outreach Committee - Determines what charity or charities the club supports and coordinating the club activities.  We currently support Help4Kids and New Directions.  The committee decides if/when we change and forward approval to Board.

Terri Loving, 

Mimi Hileman,

Mary McCall,

Fay Mills,

Carolina Coastal Pickleball Request for Charitable Donation.pdf

Local Pickleball Events Committee (NEW) - Coordinate local round robins for club members, Pickleball Challenges, Coordinates other counties to compete in small tournaments (Florence, etc.)

Marianne Foster,  

Basic Training Committee (NEW)– Coordinate all levels of training, practice ball machine, professional trainers, specific pickleball training (dinks, 3rd shot, etc.), local trips to demonstrate pickleball (schools, communities, etc.), and other training club members request.

Lisa Bair,

Sue Miller,

Betty Street,

Marianne Foster,

Joe Balis,

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