Donation to Help4Kids

17-Apr-2019 7:36 AM | Sue Miller (Administrator)

The Board of Directors (BOD) received a request from member George Moustakis through the Community Outreach Committee to consider some financial support to Help4Kids.  The Board approved the request, and donation was made from Cabin Fever Tournament proceeds.

On Thursday, April 12, 2019, the Club donated $1,000.  Attached is the picture of the George, Terri Loving, and Emily Taylor-Vice President giving Barb Mains at Help4Kids the check for $1,000.00.  These funds will help with the supply of new clothing & shoes to schools as requested for children in need. 

If anyone would like to request the Club to donate to another local charity, please complete the attached Form and submit to Terri, Chair of the Community Outreach Committee,  All requests will be reviewd by the Board of Directors for approval.  This form will also be added to the BOD & Committees website page under Community Service/Outreach Committee.


Carolina Coastal Pickleball Request for Charitable Donation.pdf

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