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Community Support Committee visits New Directions

20-Jan-2019 5:11 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

Just before the holidays, several club members got together to tour the 3 New Direction shelters in Myrtle Beach. We visited the family, men’s, and the women’s shelters. We met several of the shelter administrators and their knowledge and dedication was evident.

I found it to be a very informative visit. Food is donated from many different grocery stores.  Food was made available to homeless street folks each evening, in addition to residents.  Transportation is important and so bikes are made available at the men’s shelter and repairs are also performed there. New showers are needed for the men’s shelter and our group speculated on painting the Family shelter hallways.

Kathy Jenkins, the executive director, has taken the action item to send us a list of volunteer needs and a contact name & number, which we will forward to all club members. Hopefully you’ll find a niche that you would be interested in spending some time on.

Kathy and her team are happy to conduct tours, so folks can become familiar with their organization and it’s workings. If you are interested in having a tour, please contact Kathy at 843-945-4902 or via email, kjenkins@helpnewdirections.org

Terri Loving

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